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we sympathize with them
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I am not what I look like
...when you're a stranger...
(c) you must know who...
...if you don't - Google it, noobz!
or go directly to [link]

I believe I already made a journal with this title. Maybe not on DA though. So what's it all about? I am not so social, but they find me as well. Here, on DA.

One day a guy sends me a note after faving some of my works (or maybe after adding me to their watch - or "after making me a friend" in their language). He says that he loves elves, and he noticed that I love elves, too, so he asks me if he can ask me a question. I say, sure, why not? Because really, why not? So he asks me, what kind of elves do I love more.

To explain things I have to say that I have no idea of what kind of elves do I love. Because I don't know anything about any mainstream elves. I only know that the original, mythological elves were actually pretty different creatures, and many of them had wings. All the "mainstream" elves, in all their variety, were created by Tolkien and his followers and many other creators, but actually I mostly learn about them by watching the pictures on DA. Those who had myths and fairytales in mind, created elves with magic abilities. Those who had porn in mind created lustful elves with big boobs. I don't speak about male elves because for me they don't exist. I am more on a porn side, so as to me, the elves are cute sexy damsels who often become victims of villains or accidents, and they have to be rescued, comforted, placed in a luxury environment, and be loved and praised. Yes, that simple. I am not a fan of any classical realms with elves because I simply know little or nothing about those realms.

So as you can guess I politely explained all this to the interested guy and also mentioned that I don't like those "Blood Elves" and "Night Elves" because their green glowing eyes freak me out. It is actually true, I also don't like their brows... And now I know that they are from WoW, but I am not sure I knew it when I answered that guy. So what? The guy disappeared. He never answered me. Holy shit, if he really liked my works he could easily understand my preferences from the very beginning! By the way, I can also add that I don't like the idea of the elves living their long lives. It could be okay if they had never interact with the humans. But if they interact, they should have the more or less similar lifespan. But okay, this is not the question now. The question is - what that guy wanted? A request? I would refuse anyway...

Now another artifact, a recent one. A guy answers my traditional "thank you for the faves!" after faving some of my works and asks me if he can send me a note. I say, sure, why not? Because really, why not? So, he sends me a note, says that he loves damsels in distress, loves the girls sinking in mud, and he noticed that I love them, too, and he "read my bio" in the profile, so can he ask me some more questions? I answer okay, because again, why not? If I don't want to reveal the information I can refuse to answer or can simply lie. So the guy asks me two things. First, what is my "asl", and second, what kind of muddy situations with girls I prefer. I honestly answer that I have no idea what is "asl", but the favorite situations are pretty obvious from my gallery (and he have seen it and faved works - so the question definitely was excessive). Nevertheless, I briefly explain the "favorite type of a situations". The guy answers instantly, tells me that he loves the same situations and so we have a lot in common. And explains that "asl" is actually "age sex language".

I must say, it was something that I expected. I always check profiles of anybody who faves my works, and certainly of anybody who asks anything. So what I could see from the profile of that guy is that he actually likes female feet, tickling, and roleplaying. So, his behavior clearly indicated that he wants something from me, and his profile warned me that it probably was roleplaying. If he asked it, I would say no anyway, but he didn't. Of course, I told him the truth. Actually, if he read my "bio" as he mentioned, he certainly should have known sex and language, because both "male" and "Ukraine" (hence - Ukrainian) are demonstrated on my profile page. The only actual secret for him was my age, which is not a secret at all. Though, as soon as the guy learned that I am 54, he disappeared. Never answered me. I even wrote him another note asking him why he asked me all those questions, but he didn't answer that one as well. So, again, holy shit, what did he want?

I don't reveal accounts of those two "artifacts" now, though on my opinion they both deserve being exposed :P

To those who are interested: I am, Billie Bonce (I don't even know how to read that "Bonce" in English correctly) is a virtual character representing "dark side" (i.e. hidden side, not necessarily so dark or evil) of me, real man from Ukraine, 54 years old, having a wife and a daughter, and willing to make no links from my real persona (and any Internet accounts linked to my real persona) to this account. The links in other direction are possible to my friends here. But my friends are not those who added me to their watch, and not those whom I added to my watch, and not those who faved many my works, and not those whose works I faved, but only those with whom I communicate here for years and whom I respect for their creativity, opinions, and attitude.  And those whom I trust. I guess, there are about 5 of them from my 760 watchers.

Any questions to "Billie Bonce"? He may answer them.
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Kiriban the Round Number!

The pageview rate was steady and calm as if nothing was happening. But it was happening:

And finally it happened! A quarter of a million! :dance:
The winner is :iconkanyiko:. The kiriban was his well deserved catch! :hug:

Despite my low activity (or more exactly my poor ability to draw more), I managed to prepare a picture to celebrate this event, or, better to say, to express my gratitude to all my nice friends, watchers, visitors to my gallery and all good people around!
As everyone can see, I still love the "quicksand" theme. So, no worries! Though I do see the sad truth that this is the first my quicksand-themed picture in this year, and only two (with one more like a sketch) were submitted during all 2015. So, let's believe it is my return!

Now, traditionally, my achievements

Top ten


Mature Content

ANIMATION: Elf stuck in mud by Billie-Bonce


Mature Content

Unlucky Alya in the mud pit by Billie-Bonce

3. Taylor in quicksand by Billie-Bonce

Mature Content

Stuck in mud by Billie-Bonce

5. Too sexy? by Billie-Bonce 6.

Mature Content

Underwater Quicksand by Billie-Bonce

Mature Content

Nasty Flower 2 by Billie-Bonce


Mature Content

Alone and Bored by Billie-Bonce

Mature Content

Trixie and Melanie by Billie-Bonce


Mature Content

Kupala night by Billie-Bonce

While I have no time to copy-paste the respective numbers of faves and other exceptionally important attributes, I have to admit that the top 10 list has no changes since the previous kiriban of 200,000 that took place in June 2015
Milestone passedMy previous journal didn't attracted a lot of attention. I would be whining that virtually nobody payed any attention to my 200,000 pageviews at all... but it would be totally WRONG, because actually three nice people despite all the rush and problems of real life did pay attention and congratulated me, and I got a really great picture as a gift, and it was really really nice!
Today, finally, being late for a week, I uploaded a dedicated picture with a little paid bonus for true connoisseurs. Everything is based on the setting of :iconworld-of-aiers:, but of course it is nothing else but one of my usual kinks. Yup, yup, elves in distress, and in this case - dark elves in distress! Drow, deadly dangerous warriors, are totally helpless for our viewing pleasure! ;)
By the way - I am thinking
and the only change from the 150,000 kiriban
150,000Well, it happened! I did not mention anything related to "catching the kiriban", but of course a good screenshot wouldn't hurt. However it seems everybody missed it :P When I had to go to bed yesterday (1 a.m. GMT+2) 18 pageviews were still needed. I guess it could happen in next several hours, or in next several minutes if two visitors would start the "race". It should be the Sunday evening in the Western hemisphere. :) I honestly have no idea when exactly it happened, because in the morning I had to go to work early, and so I checked it only in the evening. And then there was 150,067.
Now I am trying to do my best in finishing the picture that is the "democratically chosen public request" (see my previous journals Some eXplanation of What's Going On and Time to Summarize ). Most likely, it will be ready tomorrow, and then I'll update this part of

was the unexpected uprise of the current #9 with two famous pixies widely known in a narrow society of members of the now non-existing Sticky-Site...

The magic of numbers

I have exactly 300 deviations (of which 216 are pictures and 84 are journals), and I also have 145 scraps,
I have 738 watchers,
My deviations were added to favorites 11,002 times,
I made 18,350 comments (what? am I a graphomaniac?) but I received just 5,525 comments (that's because I always write answers...)

The group

I am running the group, and it is doing well. I have to admit that only a very few members of the group care to submit their pictures there, but I always keep an eye on any potential sources of the subject and request the pictures.

So, if you like elves and/or you like damsels in distress - don't hesitate to visit the group and to see what we keep in the gallery!

And now let me say it once more:

Thank you my dear watchers, you are awesome!

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