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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 17, 2014, 3:09 PM
Well, it happened! I did not mention anything related to "catching the kiriban", but of course a good screenshot wouldn't hurt. However it seems everybody missed it :P When I had to go to bed yesterday (1 a.m. GMT+2) 18 pageviews were still needed. I guess it could happen in next several hours, or in next several minutes if two visitors would start the "race". It should be the Sunday evening in the Western hemisphere. :) I honestly have no idea when exactly it happened, because in the morning I had to go to work early, and so I checked it only in the evening. And then there was 150,067.

Now I am trying to do my best in finishing the picture that is the "democratically chosen public request" (see my previous journals Some eXplanation of What's Going On and Time to Summarize ). Most likely, it will be ready tomorrow, and then I'll update this part of this journal.

UPDATED: here it is! 150000 request by Billie-Bonce

Now, my dear friends, watchers, guests, and occasional passers-by, I want to say thanks everyone for inspiring me to show the results of my humble efforts, for motivating me to make progress and improve skills, to be less lazy and more communicative. Without you I would be just a shy lurker, but who could imagine - there are people who like what I do here! Thanks, I really really appreciate it!!!

Next, traditionally (but this time using thumbnails enabled by my premium membership) I want to shamelessly advertise my own pictures summarize what people like in my gallery.

Top 20 most faved pictures

  1. ANIMATION: Elf stuck in mud by Billie-Bonce Views 20,555 (1 today); Favourites 329; Comments 181; Downloads 480; Submitted on December 5, 2010
  2. Unlucky Alya in the mud pit by Billie-Bonce Views 10,822 (1 today); Favourites 237; Comments 53; Downloads 444; Submitted on January 28, 2009
  3. Stuck in mud by Billie-Bonce Views 11,179 (2 today); Favourites 217; Comments 66; Downloads 392; Submitted on March 14, 2010
  4. Taylor in quicksand by Billie-Bonce Views 26,565 (8 today); Favourites 215; Comments 67; Downloads 525; Submitted on August 21, 2011
  5. Too sexy? by Billie-Bonce Views 11,509 (1 today); Favourites 212; Comments 70; Downloads 411; Submitted on July 31, 2009
  6. Underwater Quicksand by Billie-Bonce Views 14,484; Favourites 181; Comments 55; Downloads 374; Submitted on November 9, 2008
  7. Nasty Flower 2 by Billie-Bonce Views 4,559; Favourites 159; Comments 55; Downloads 133; Submitted on February 17, 2013
  8. Alone and Bored by Billie-Bonce Views 4,855; Favourites 172; Comments 47; Downloads 304; Submitted on January 16, 2012
  9. Kupala night by Billie-Bonce Views 5,585 (1 today); Favourites 146; Comments 30; Downloads 338; Submitted on December 9, 2009
  10. Alya's workout by Billie-Bonce Views 9,701 (2 today); Favourites 141; Comments 27; Downloads 2,204; Submitted on May 25, 2009
  11. Hot -overheated- student by Billie-Bonce Views 4,734; Favourites 136; Comments 68; Downloads 240; Submitted on September 1, 2011
  12. Sinking in Black Soil by Billie-Bonce Views 7,964 (2 today); Favourites 127; Comments 45; Downloads 401; Submitted on July 15, 2010
  13. Good morning world by Billie-Bonce Views 4,568; Favourites 125; Comments 59; Downloads 340; Submitted on December 2, 2009
  14. Trixie and Melanie by Billie-Bonce Views 8,796 (2 today); Favourites 137; Comments 64; Downloads 213; Submitted on February 28, 2010
  15. Sunbathing by Billie-Bonce Views 6,992; Favourites 118; Comments 46; Downloads 243; Submitted on April 30, 2011
  16. Rescue attempt by Billie-Bonce Views 8,787 (1 today); Favourites 123; Comments 35; Downloads 308; Submitted on October 16, 2009
  17. Pull as hard as you can by Billie-Bonce Views 5,373 (2 today); Favourites 111; Comments 46; Downloads 180; Submitted on October 25, 2012
  18. Elven Summer Entertainment 2 by Billie-Bonce Views 2,164 (1 today); Favourites 104; Comments 35; Downloads 58; Submitted on March 8, 2014
  19. DP-015 Brown clay 2 by Billie-Bonce Views 7,471; Favourites 105; Comments 31; Downloads 277; Submitted on August 22, 2010
  20. MudIvy And Alya 1 by Billie-Bonce Views 7,374 (4 today); Favourites 103; Comments 64; Downloads 199; Submitted on March 17, 2012

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Time to Summarize

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 15, 2014, 12:41 PM
This is a sequel to my previous journal - Some eXplanation of What's Going On
I don't like to read too long journals, so I believe making this part separate would help to keep more people interested and less people annoyed.

To those who joined us just now, as well as to those who had completely forgotten what was going on in the previous journal, I want to remind that in preparation for the upcoming kiriban of 150,000 pageviews I decided to do, let's name it so, a public request. Namely, a picture determined by results of several polls that I set up recently.


The first poll was about the main character that should be featured on the picture. The one and the only pretender who had no competitors and hence became an indisputable winner was a cute blonde Alya, known to the public as Alya the Unlucky, because, well, she is a sort of unlucky. Hmmm. Unlucky? She left her no less cute friends far behind, and the whole planet of cute elves in distress was literally trampled underfoot by Alya's fans. What else a girl may want better than such an attention? Lucky bitch! :) (It's a joke, of course. I love this girl, too. I love her so much that I often shamelessly exploit her cute face to attract the public to such events as DA kiribans)
Thanks for 10000 pageviews by Billie-Bonce 


The second poll was about the event that should be depicted on the picture. Should Alya be in distress or in happiness? What should she do? The decision in this poll was not so unanimous as in the previous one. But it also became very clear - Alya must be a helpless damsel in distress, in a dangerous situation. Something like this, maybe:
Alya stuck under her backpack by Billie-Bonce
While I often speak about dangers in Alya's life, in fact it is virtually the only picture in my gallery showing her in a really dangerous situation. Another one, not so clear and absolutely unfinished, is the one where Alya and Valya got stuck together in a floaty and the wind was going to sweep them away to the open sea:
Girls with inner tube 5 lines by Billie-Bonce
I mentioned another, actually even more life-threatening situation in which both girls nearly drowned but were saved by some guys. Though, I have no picture of it yet. 
To my disappointment, nobody wants to see anything like this (sports activities):
Alya's workout by Billie-Bonce Alya skiing by Billie-Bonce Alya on the Top by Billie-Bonce
As well as nobody wants to see Alya's everyday life, even despite it is possible to catch her doing such things stark naked:
Good morning world by Billie-Bonce Hot -overheated- student by Billie-Bonce Alya Cleaning Her Room by Billie-Bonce
However, a significant number of people want to see Alya in a sexy pin-up nude.
Like this? Kupala night by Billie-Bonce Or more risky, like this? Alya in the Heat by Billie-Bonce 
But virtually nobody wants to see her in a sexy pin-up non-nude. 
Girls with inner tube by Billie-Bonce
The second most popular option was "Sticky or embarrassing situation". While the main topic of my gallery is quicksand, and quicksand is believed to be a death danger, I have to remind that Alya's main damsel-in-distress profession is exactly "being in a sticky or embarrassing situation". But this time the public opinion was quite definite - Alya must be in danger.


In danger? Okay. Helpless? Easily! But what kind of danger? Some menacing gang of hooligans or of envious girls? Sharp rocks squeezing Alya's delicate body? Or quicksand, sucking her into its inescapable depth? Or maybe let's think twice and return to a sexy nude pinup or harmless wardrobe malfunction? 
"No", said the public. "There is no return! Quicksand would be Alya's fate!" 
Alya vs quicksand the 1st time by Billie-Bonce
I want to stress that Alya is supposed to live in our real world and the only unlikely feature of her life is that she has more accidents per month than an average girl has during all her life. That's why I prefer to keep all those accidents as realistic as possible. Anything like a giant octopus, alien monster, slime blob, and even breast expansion can happen to Alya, but in her dreams only. Sometimes she does have rather strange, bright, scary, and quite sexual dreams. On the other hand, I prefer to avoid the most realistic and in fact the most deadly dangers of our life in a big city, where gas explosion, fire, traffic accident, or an intoxicated robber would be way too much more plausible than any quicksand pit. That said, I would like to remind (it was already mentioned above) that the worst accident in Alya's life was nearly drowning in a calm river in the night - when Alya got tangled up in water weeds and couldn't get free.

As I did it in the previous journal for the first two polls, I want to collect personal opinions of my watchers here:
:icondevious-drake: Wedge stuck! :iconbillie-bonce: That's the Alya specialty. We'll see her in a dog door and between a bed and a wall, and maybe in other similar situations. Also, she may imagine or see in a dream even more of such situations, including being stuck in a cave. She will never go spelunking in reality - she read news about spelunkers who got stuck in caves, and some were rescued but some couldn't be rescued and died, and Alya knows own talents in getting her ass trapped. 
:iconshabazik: Cheerleaders of Evilness! :iconbillie-bonce: Noted! I still think that Alya and her friends are not cheerleaders, but I can imagine quite a few stories where they could cross the road with some evil, envious, spoiled, selfish, and cruel chicks. 
:ivontherevenousraven: Tentacle peril! :iconbillie-bonce: While it has its limitations, it is possible! It can happen in Alya's wet dream with all those attributes of hentai that she could watch before she fell asleep, or during diving somewhere on exotic islands - without hentai but with some hickeys more noticeable than those that her boyfriend left
:iconzoe-the-pink-ranger: Quicksand! :iconbillie-bonce: Accepted, and approved by the public!
:iconfoxysnowleo: You missed the snow! :iconbillie-bonce: I did! We both like it, so I will certainly shove Alya in an appropriate snowdrift so that she wouldn't escape from there without help!


Another important question that was asked simultaneously with the previous one, was about other characters on the picture. "The opposite side" (cheerleaders, or a street gang, or even Alya's own friends, or whoever) should be determined by the results of the previous poll, but who should be together with Alya, probably helping her out? One of her friends, or both her friends, or nobody? Or maybe some yet unknown helper (I remind you - at least in three cases her life was saved by some guys who happened to be near). 

Again, the public was quite definite in the decision - both friends of Alya should be with her. Another popular option was "Alya alone". By combining this result with the result of the previous poll we obtain the rather definite description of the setting - Alya is helpless, she's stuck and(or) sinking in quicksand, while her friends are near, but this is not a rescue. Oh well, how complicated! Could be, the girls are unable to help, watching in terror how the drama is developing? Could they be even worse than those not quite successful would-be rescuers:
Underwater Quicksand by Billie-Bonce Rescue attempt by Billie-Bonce Diggin' out by Billie-Bonce 
Or maybe they are simply ignoring Alya's desperate state? Could they be as careless and cold-hearted as those two chicks ignoring their friend's pleas?
3 Girls on the Beach by Billie-Bonce


Finally, the last but not the least important poll. Since many if not most pictures in my gallery show naked girls, and in particular naked Alya, I was wondering how people want to see her and the others. In this case the important factors would be the results of the polls #3 and #4, because both the kind of peril and who should be depicted may greatly influence the desires of the public. But there was no time to set the polls one after another, and this one was started together with the previous two.

The option "All characters are nude" wins, though it isn't far from the second one, "Alya is nude, all the others are clothed". The third option, "No nudity", got much smaller appreciation (while, let's be honest, stuck and helpless in quicksand is much more plausible situation for clothed girls rather than naked ones). The fourth option, "Alya is clothed while all the others are nude", got only one vote, and that vote was mine. Yeah, I find such situation quite funny. How about Alya coming to a nudist camp with some business. And she is not allowed in until she takes off everything, but she is hesitating. Or, Alya had stolen clothes of some bunch of evil cheerleaders and they are chasing her in their birthday suits. Why not? I would find especially funny if clothed Alya would manage to squeeze, say, through locked gates, while naked cheerleaders all got stuck in them. Ah, possibilities, possibilities!

So, what we got as a final result? Alya and both her friends are naked. It is not impossible at all. But in the story of Alya all three of them never were naked in places where any quicksand could catch poor Alya. The three girls were naked in showers, in sauna, in Valya's parents' summer cottage, and in a room that they rented at a sea resort. Valya (yes, no mistake here!) was naked in soft river mud when she tried to rescue Alya (also naked) who got tangled up in water weeds. Both girls nearly drowned then, and were rescued. Galya was not near them during this ordeal. Alya was stuck in quicksand more than once, but she was wearing either bikini or hiking clothes, and her friends were clothed the same way. The situation closest to the public decision (Alya is stuck, the girls are not rescuing her) was depicted here:
Alya vs quicksand the 1st time by Billie-Bonce
As we can see, both her friends are wearing bikini, and actually Alya is also has it on. The wardrobe malfunction that happened during the rescue does not count. 
There was one remarkable personal opinion:
:iconshabazik: Alya is naked, others are clothed: but not naked-naked, but on the process of being so! :iconbillie-bonce: I definitely like the idea of a process of being naked

What does it all means? The picture will show the situation that was not planned in the story of Alya, but it will fit somehow. And now

the final public verdict in my interpretation

(flourish of trumpets)

Naked Alya is stuck deep (up to chest) in quicksand, can't move. Naked Valya tries to rescue her. She sank to her mid-thighs and can't move, too. Both girls stretch to reach each others' hands, but fail. Valya loses the balance. In contrast to such drama, naked Galya is standing on hard ground showing irritation. What a dumb blondes, never watch their step! Valya just discovered that Galya is not going to help, and is totally shocked by this. 

I don't ask if this would work. I believe, it will! Would be glad to hear your comments. And thank you everybody for taking part in this act of democracy :)

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Some eXplanation of What's Going On

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 10, 2014, 4:00 PM

What's the buzz? Tell me what's happening!

You guys certainly noticed an unusual activity in my account. My previous journal explained it a bit - I still have some time of premium membership and I want to enjoy some of those advantages that it gives, but avoiding addiction to it (because my shy attempts of research convinced me that I wouldn't be able to afford the premium membership permanently). 

As you could see, I tried making polls for the first time, and I quite happy with the result. And what is the result? Currently I am trying to learn what most of my watchers want to see more, and what they want to see less. Today I can summarize the results of the first poll and comment the current state of the second poll. I plan to make the third poll as well, then I'll see if I would be able to continue with the fourth one. 

And before I start commenting/discussing the polls, I want to explain why I started them at all. As you guys can see, my pageview counter quickly approaches to 150,000. What means, I have to think about the celebration. And one important part of such celebration might be a "thankyou" picture. And what could make such picture better is better understanding of what most people want to see from me in general, as well as what certain most significant people want to see from me in particular (please be sure - anyone who comments in these polls is a part of the most significant people, because they show their interest).

I am not sure how visible these polls will be after my premium membership expires, and so I'll place the most important information in this journal so that I and all my watchers and visitors could see it - and maybe to add some additional thoughts in future. I will edit this journal when the next poll(s) will provide more information.

The first poll

Whom of my original characters would you like to see on my next picture?

The results were a bit disappointing to me, if not shocking. 
Current results are such:
Alya "the Unlucky" - 23 or 49%
Galya, Alya's friend - 5 or 11%
Valya, Alya's friend - 4 or 9%
Meelah the elf - 3 or 6%
Deenah the elf - 2 or 4%
Reetah the elf - 1 or 2%
Any other elf from "the Damned planet" - 3 or 6%, though nobody explained who exactly of all those cute girls
A female character from the World of Aiers - 3 or 6%, but only kanyiko named a certain character
A pixie (again, an unidentified one) - 2 or 4%
The one who "missed something" was me - it appears, I must vote to see the results.

Special opinions were:
:iconfoxysnowleo: Alya and Valya together (a good choice, by the way! I never mentioned that there must be only one character)
:iconzoe-the-pink-ranger: Alya
:iconzerozero204: Valya 
:iconkanyiko: Pumne from :iconworld-of-aiers:
:iconshabazik: loves my original characters (and I love his ones ;) )
:icondalek-hal: Galya

So, what was shocking?

Guys, I do love Alya. Sometimes I imagine that she lives next door or my daughter accidentally met her somewhere. Or she is one of my students and I just have to recognize her in real life. Sometimes I think that some of her features or some parts of her story are too resembling something that happened with people whom I know (though, some of her stories were adapted from real life). Well, I do love her and I happy that she amuses other people and they want to see more of her. But what with all the others? I never told a story about Galya, I don't even have good pictures of her - and she easily beats Meelah and Reetah taken together. Why? Why naughty redhead Deenah got only 2 votes? 

So, what can I say? I totally respect the will of my watchers. But a part of me (and I am afraid that it is an important part) simply died, and I need to think how to deal with this. 

The second poll

Since the winner of the first poll became obvious very quickly, I decided to start the second poll - so, how you guys want me to draw Alya. 

There were less surprises in the second poll. The current state is:
Alya in danger, helpless - 13 (34%) - no surprise here
Sticky or embarrassing situation - 9 (24%) - originally Alya was "designed" for exactly this. That's why she is "unlucky"
Sexy pin-up, nude - 7 (18%) - no surprise here, too
Alya struggling with some peril (not helpless) - 3 (8%) - okay, Alya is not of the superhero kind, though sometimes I plan to have her defeating the circumstances
Rescue of Alya - 2 (5%) - I'd love to see more of this, but I know that it is my personal kink. Most of people don't like to see any rescue scenes. Though I love them, especially when the rescue doesn't go as planned...
Sexy pin-up, non nude - 1 (3%) - only one??? In general, it is the most popular type of sexy pictures. So, either my ability of drawing such pictures was not demonstrated yet, or people do remember my words that I don't like to draw clothes and prefer nude girls. Actually, I shouldn't complain, because I do hate anything that is called a "sexy underwear" (and in real life as well).
Two deviants and I chose the last option (Did I missed something?)

Sports activities and everyday life didn't get a single vote - this is the message that I must process (because I would really like to do such a picture). Maybe I'm a pervert, but I do find a girl in jeans and a T-shirt more attractive than a girl in undies. Not to mention the classic idiocy - a girl in a swimsuit and high heels. I terribly hate it :nod:

Okay, one more day for this poll - and I'll proceed with the third one :)

Updated on 11.11.2014

Was very sleepy and tired yesterday night. Now it's time to add all those important special opinions.
:iconshabazik: Wardrobe malfunction! Or stuck in locker. :iconbillie-bonce: I can easily combine these two. Alya ripped off her clothes while tried to break free from the treacherous locker. :P
:icondevious-drake: Wedge-stuck. :iconbillie-bonce: Love it! And remember guys, Alya first appeared as a girl whose butt tends to get stuck in things. All that jazz quicksand was added later!
:iconfoxysnowleo: Struggling, stuck or rescued, all sound very nice! :iconbillie-bonce: I second that!
:iconzerozero204: Struggling bravely. :iconbillie-bonce: but also we discussed options of evil girl-catching shower :D
:iconkanyiko: You seem to have missed "every day life - nude" :iconbillie-bonce: Crap, I did! My mistake is totally intolerable! So what? Alya took part in "Work and Travel USA" and with her luck she got a job of waitress in a nudist resort? ;P

The victory of "Alya in danger, helpless" became more obvious, so I can close the poll and proceed with another one. Or may I show you a trick? You know, elections in my country are always tricky. And I learned a trick or two.

So, trick #1. People who support one idea form several political parties. Those parties get some votes on elections. Then, when in the Parliament, they form a coalition. And together they have more votes that the party that won the elections. Did you get what I hint to? Imagine Alya stark naked, with shy smile on her pretty face, blushing. Depicted in a sexy pin-up style. One more detail. She has a floaty, a transparent inner tube, on her waist. Both her arms are pinned to her sides. She obviously can't take it off. Oh well, that's the sticky situation! Very, very embarrassing! Did you get it now? 9 votes for sticky situation + 7 votes for sexy nude pin-up = 16 votes... It would be more than 13 votes for deadly danger!!! Oh my!!! The victorious party has to make a hard decision! Either they agree that in such an image Alya would be in danger, helpless. Or they wouldn't join the majority and all they could do would be screaming about falsification of the elections. But guys, she is helpless! And she is in danger of having her embarrassing photo on VK, Facebook, Twitter, and deviantART! La-la-la! :la::la::la:

No worries guys! I am not a politician. What means, I do not lie every day and every night 24/7. I respect your choice!

So, don't miss anything! Three polls simultaneously!


Updated on 15.11.2014

The results are discussed and summarized in the next journal: Time to Summarize

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