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I am not what I look like

Hi my fellow deviant friends, watchers, and visitors!

It seems some people noticed my almost complete inactivity here (except for my continuous faving of virtually any inspiring pictures showing damsels in peril or(and) elves, ideally - [female] elves in peril). And some people might be confused by such unusual state of affairs, and could even fantasize about me losing interest in fetishes, or leaving for another community, or even being mobilized to Ukrainian army to fight against Russian invaders. Nope my friends. I am here, with some plans, with significantly rearranged collections on my local disks, always ready to add your works to my favorites, and using the same laptop since 2008.

With one significant change though. I wiped out my old dying Windows Vista and installed new and pretty Debian Linux. I could install Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 - I do have licenses for both. But I decided to switch to Linux. What can I say? I am almost happy. For my purposes and my customs Linux is better in very many aspects. And now I am ready to try so many new programs. But, there is one big problem that I have to solve yet. I still have to make my Photoshop to work on Linux. In general, it is possible. It should work under Wine. If it was a normal installation it would already work. But it is not normal installation. It is a portable installation made by Russian hackers. And while it was working under Windows with no problems (probably infesting my computer with malware), Wine refuse to start it claiming that the executable file format is incorrect. Surely it is incorrect, it was made by hackers!

So, while I am a poor photoshopless would-be-artist, I virtually can not draw. I try all tools that I have at my disposal, and I can say that I really enjoy so-called MyPaint. It's a nice and pretty simple program, better than many similar programs that I have seen in Windows world (including Artweaver and Dogwaffe). It is great for sketching and painting. However, it has pretty limited functionality and it can't handle multilayered file formats like TIFF or PSD. So, I plan to use it for things that it can handle but it certainly can't replace Photoshop. I also try to get used to GIMP. GIMP has enough functionality, but its usability either much worse than that of Photoshop, or I have to spend a long time to became familiar enough with it. It is really an uneasy thing. I also know few things that Photoshop makes easily but GIMP can not do at all.

There are also several cool programs for animation. I plan to try them, too. Another bonus of Linux was totally unexpected. Most of all I feared that Linux would not recognize my Wacom tablet, since Wacom does not support Linux. But Linux had no problems with the tablet at all. It handles it even better than Windows, and I had to do nothing - it discovered it during the installation and supported since the first start. It also easily handles my old HP printer and even more old HP scanner, both had drivers for Windows XP only, neither could work under Windows Vista or Windows 7. Their drivers that Linux provides have only basic functions and they are less functional that the drivers for Windows XP - so I still have to use my good Windows XP virtual machine, which is also no problem on Linux.

So, I am full of optimism, and

hip hip hooray for Linux!

But don't expect to see a lot of new drawings from me in the nearest future. :P

On a side note, today I got the 700th watcher.

Thanks guys, you are incredible!

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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
I started browsing DeviantART in 2005. I guess I tried to create an account back then, but I failed to finish the registration because, as I suppose now, the confirmation request was dropped in a trashcan of some spam filter. I wasn't surprised by that, because we had big problems with the Internet then - we had to pay for each megabyte of traffic, and the price for international traffic was huge on our measures. I created this account in 2007 but I failed again with the confirmation. Surprisingly, while I could not log in, DeviantART counts the history of this account from that time (now it's 8 years). Finally the urge to see porn mature content, as well as the extermination of one popular local Internet resource where I kept my drawings by our law enforcement, forced me to accomplish the registration here - it proved to be possible! Actually this account started working in November 2008 - as soon as I was able to log in, I uploaded my first work here.

2. What does your username mean?
It means that I was an idiot who didn't know how "Billy Bones" should be spelled in English. Sorry, English speaking guys, but believe me - it is totally not obvious for us Slavs. Wikipedia wasn't that effective back then, but I easily found an advertising of a restaurant (and possibly a brothel) somewhere in Russia named "Billie Bonce" with a picture of Billy Bones on their logo. I stupidly believed them, and used this username in quite a few fetish web-sites and communities. When I created this account here I already knew that it was a mistake, but I just wanted to keep my already known username.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
I would quote Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) "Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!", but it would be more that three words. So,
disillusioned tired dreamer

4. Are you left or right handed?
I do everything with my right hand. Everything but one thing. I draw with my left hand. I can't draw with my right hand as well as, say, I can't write with my left hand.
However, to say the truth, I can do many things with either left or right hand almost equally - though I use my right hand by default.

5. What was your first deviation?
Here, in this account? It is still here, despite I edited (corrected) it a bit several years after its submission. This one: Underwater Quicksand by Billie-Bonce
Some of the deviations submitted after this one were actually done earlier.

If we speak about my "deviant" pictures that would fit this gallery, there were several of them drawn before the DeviantART was created, and actually 15 years before the Internet became available in my part of the world. I believe I lost them... 

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Is it not clear from my gallery? Sexy girls, mostly nude, in sticky situations. The stickier the situation literally, the better. The sexier the girls, the better. 

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
If... Oh that damned "if..."!

I want, I am eager to master a simplified cartoon style so that I could draw more sexy girls in sticky situations within a specified time. I want to draw comic sequences. I want to make illustrated stories. I want... But I can't. I sink in details, in polishing of lines, in adding more and more details, in writing long descriptions which most people don't read... One good thing in all this is that I am not a professional artist, so it is no my professional impropriety.  

8. What was your first favourite?
If only I could find it now... I re-arranged my favourites years ago and I moved a significant part of them to another place. Oh, wait! I can!
Wo_Man by Hellen86

Guess what inspired my "Hot Days, Hot Nights" series? ;) 

Mature Content

Hot -overheated- student by Billie-Bonce

Mature Content

Alya in the Heat by Billie-Bonce

Mature Content

Alya Cleaning Her Room by Billie-Bonce

Mature Content

Alya with an Iron by Billie-Bonce

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Topics: Damsels in Distress, Sticky Situations, Peril. Better if it is more humorous than scary.
Technique: Drawings, preferably digital media. 

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
There is no such artist. I love works of many artists, some of them I prefer for great technique, others - for intriguing scenarios, long, interesting descriptions, or for unbearable sexiness of their damsels, or for feeding my fetishes the best way. I watch many artists, I enjoy works of many artists. Some of them appear for a relatively short time, submit many great artworks, but then disappear or simply cease their activity. Some artists whose works I adored in the past stopped drawing what I like and now they don't want to keep connection with their old works. I respect their choice, of course.

So, I can mention some artists - :iconzarathul: :iconfaustie: :iconsteveoreno: :iconshabazik: :iconbikerbloke: :iconganassa: - but I can't choose the all-time favourite one. 

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
How can I choose? There are so many people around... And honestly I am pretty pessimistic and I really fear to be disappointed by such a meeting. It also depends on where such a meeting could be. Could I welcome an artist in my country and show him or her something interesting, or would I be able to go to their place to see a new part of the world? 

Okay, so currently my choice would be... :iconshabazik: and :iconkanyiko:

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Hard to say. I take a lot from many people here, but I can't say that something in my life or in my world view changed significantly under an influence of somebody from DeviantART. I was disappointed more than once, I was reminded about things that I knew before (briefly - that it is better to lurk in the shadows than to express own opinion). On the other hand, I found some people who appreciate what I do here, and this gave me courage to create more and to show more of what I created. In general, however, I waste a lot of time for my activities on DeviantART, and this really affects my RL work negatively. The nature of my work demands some creativity, but I spend all my creativity here and nothing is left for there. I can't blame anyone from DeviantART for this.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Wacom Bamboo gifted me by my wife in 2008 and Photoshop. I tried to use other art programs (Macromedia Flash, Paint Tool SAI, Artweaver, GIMP, Dogwaffe) but I still stick to Photoshop. There is one pretty obvious problem with it which I would not even mention aloud ;)

I also make pencil sketches in a simple school notebooks. I keep 4 such notebooks (96 pages sized A4) plus several others of smaller format full of drawings, but honestly I stopped using them a year or two ago. Everything is scanned, and many things had to be processed... No time...

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Inspirational? A place where I would get a lot of ideas for my new works? Look at my drawings and guess!

It could be a secluded place near a pit of thick mud where I would imagine crowds of stupid nearly naked jungle girls (or elves) getting stuck and sinking there, trying in vain to rescue each other. Or it could be a place where I could see crowds of nearly naked (bikini clad) or, better, totally naked girls whom I could imagine getting in various sticky and perilous situations. Or it could be a place from which I could see windows of a girls dorm - how those girls get dressed, undressed, and how they interact with other girls and guests... Of course, I don't have any of such places permanently (but I had occasional encounters with such places - and got a lot of ideas any time I found such a place).

Normally I daydream when I go by public transport or walk along streets, and I get inspiration from my daydreams. And I create art sitting at my desk at home. 

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I am really sorry, but I can't remember anything of that sort. There were nice conversations with interesting people. But no, I don't have any favourite DeviantART memory. Remember - I am a disillusioned and tired... Despite I am still a dreamer ;) 

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...and I never expected to get so many nice birthday greetings. You guys are the best!

Thank you very very much!

On a side yet important note my new group :iconelves-in-distress: is doing well. Currently it lives only due to my activity - I invite people, I invite their artworks, but I think it is okay at this very first stage. I am very optimistic now. And I really want to collect the best art showing elves in sticky situations - currently this is my main kink.

(However, I must admit, I still don't forget about normal human girls living in our time in my part of the world - and some new impressions that I got from the landscape on my way to the place where I had a brief vacation the last week inspired me for a new short story - which I'll try to draw as soon as I get some time to spare)
  • Mood: Joy
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  • Reading: Comments
  • Watching: Nice people and groups here
  • Playing: Spider Solitaire
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Kiborg-Graph Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, man, how's life? :)
Billie-Bonce Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
More or less :) I am getting used to Linux - my old Windows Vista was dying and it was time to either install Windows 7 or 8.1 (ridiculously, I have licenses for both), but I decided to try Debian Linux. And I am totally happy with everything but one thing. I am still unable to use Photoshop on it. And without Photoshop I am helpless :(
Kiborg-Graph Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bugger. :iconawkwardmomentsealplz: As for myself, I am fleshing out the concepts of my planet of Jaunā Zeme, especially the concept of my Jaunā Zeme rock band URAGAN - I am even participating in :iconshabazik:'s contest 'Shiks!'with some new drawings about the band (as usual, Viktor Tsoi was a great inspiration for some of the band's members). And speaking of Tsoi, I am also taking part in a flashmob, hosted by :iconruscomix:. The task was to draw a homage in a form of a fake comic book cover, and this one is my entry for the event. :3
Billie-Bonce Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Cool drawing!

I am trying to participate in Shiks contest as well, I have sketched one shik already, but there must be 4-5 shiks there in dynamic poses, and the original idea supposed at least two different pictures of the shiks, and several backgrounds. Well, at least one picture is needed, anyway...
NomisTT Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015
Thanks for faving the Binary Moon fan art! :D I hope you have returned to my comic to see where it has reached. Don't worry, the *stinky* parts are far and few between ;)

Would love to see your comments on site or here :)
Billie-Bonce Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Yes, I check your comic time to time :) Girls with no panties is my love ;)
NomisTT Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Hope you are finding the story and situations interesting :)
Gwasanee Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You made me smile :heart:
Billie-Bonce Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015
You are welcome!
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